Meta Search Engine for Economists based on Google

April 20, 2006

Try your searches using Economic Meta Search Engine:


Two very useful websites for Economists

April 20, 2006

Here are two excellent links for economists. Please also consult the sister blog: for additional resources

1. MIT Department of Economics:

2. International Development Economic Associates:

For the Indian Economy Module

April 6, 2006

List of useful websites for data sources on India and other developing countries

On various aspects of Indian Economy

1. National Portal of India:

2. Economic Survey 2005-06:

3. 3. RBI Handbook of Statistics on Indian Economy 2004-05:

4. CSO National Accounts Statistics:

5. CSO: Annual Survey of Industries,

6. Answers to questions asked in the Lok Sabha:
7. Answers to questions in the Rajya Sabha:

8. Labour Bureau:

International Data

1. World Bank: World Development Indicators 2005,,,menuPK:232599~pagePK:64133170~piPK:64133498~theSitePK:239419,00.html

2. UN Commodity Trade Statistics,

Suggested Textbooks for the Macroeconomics Module

April 6, 2006

1. Dornbusch, Rudiger, Stanley Fischer and Richard Statz,
Macroeconomics, 8th Edition, McGrawHill Irwin.

Companion Website to the Book

2. Krugman, Paul and Robin Wells, Macroeconomics, 1 Edition, Worth Publishers, 2005

Companion Website to the Book:

Powerpoint Slides of All Lectures

Suggested Text Book for Microeconomics

April 5, 2006

We recommend the following text books:

1. Robert S.Pindyck, Daniel L.Rubinfeld and Prem L. Mehta (2006), Microeconomics, 6th Edition, ISBN: 81-7758-814-1, Published in India by Dorling Kindersely (India)

Companion website of the book (4th edition):


2. Krugman, Paul and Robin Wells, Microeconomics, 1Edition,
Worth Publishers, 2004

Companion Website of the book:

Download Powerpoint Slides of all the 18 Chapters:|00PRS|00520|00530|00540|00550|00560|00010|00020|00030|00040|00050|00060|01000|02000|03000|04000|05000|06000|07000|08000|09000|10000|11000|12000|13000|14000|15000|16000|17000|18000|19000|20000|21000|22000|99000|